In Balance

After hitting a rock and knocking a chunk out of a worn lawn mower blade, excessive vibration sets up in the operation of the mower that creates excessive wear to the adjoining parts. The automobile tire that loses the weights that balances it sets up a vibration and a shimmy that causes excessive wear and damage to the associated parts. There is a balance of nature in the ecosystem of the world, that when violated, and things get out of balance, there is damage and loss.

In spiritual matters, in following Jesus, there is a balance to be maintained. The balancing instrument is the Word of God with Jesus himself being the Word. What Jesus did and what he taught, and how the early disciples followed him provides the guide for us today. It is all written in the Bible, the Word of God. By submitting to the Spirit of God, we can follow what that Word says and apply it to balance our lives and keep them in balance on a daily basis. There is a simple, basic gauge that can guide us in God’s balance for our lives. Overall, it is simply to love God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength, and to love our neighbor as ourselves. The increments on this gauge are these. First, we must be truly born again with an encounter with the living God where sin is turned from, and our life is turned to Jesus Christ with faith in his finished work for us. The next increment is to confess Jesus before men with water baptism showing our total identification with him. The third increment is to be baptized with the Holy Spirit just like they were in the book of Acts. The fourth increment on the gauge is to be committed to being led by the Holy Spirit to do the will of God on earth as it is in heaven. The fifth increment on the gauge of balance is that we daily remember the blood covenant that we have in Christ and the broken body that was given for us. This is why Jesus instructed us to have Communion. It is an on-going practice (I do it daily) to help us remember and apply the benefits and power of the accomplished work of Jesus on our behalf, walking in fellowship with the Lord and with each other.  If we fail to keep this in mind, we lose sight of what we have and we get out of balance allowing divisions, spiritual defeat, and physical sickness as we just do our own thing, with our own perspective and agenda. (this happened to the Corinthians – 1 Corinthians 11:23-32), If we daily follow the Lord with faith in and obedience to him and his way, he will work in our lives to keep us in balance and running smoothly. Living in blood covenant righteousness and healing and health enables us to effectively carry out his work in his balance of life.