In Times of Floods

When one of the hurricanes in the gulf produced storms and flash floods in our area, my wife and I watched as the creek bordering our property quickly rose out of its banks and produced a river flowing through our yard. It took only a few minutes for this to happen. Incredulously I began to realize there were certain yard ornaments and various items that were now in danger of being carried away. I quickly got my boots on and began to rescue some ceramic ducks, some light-weight chairs, and experiencing the force by which it was flowing through our yard, I even moved several heavier items to higher ground. Water carries a lot of force. I was reminded of how a leisurely tubing trip down the Caddo River almost turned to disaster for me when I allowed myself to be carried against some branches overhanging the river. I did not realize how the calm, peaceful river that was slowly carrying me on a pleasure cruise, could so easily become an instant merciless killer pressing me down into its smothering depths. Thank God I worked myself free with a good lesson chalked up never to be forgotten. Back to the flood, I did manage to corral most of the items in the yard that were being carried away.

The Bible says when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him (Isaiah 59:19). Sometimes life suddenly hits us with things and sometimes we deal with long-term chronic conditions that prove to be overwhelming. They want to carry us away in a merciless flood of adversity. We can read that verse, “When the enemy shall come in like a flood…” But the fact is that Jesus has done a work for us to provide a flood of supernatural refuge and strength in the face of all the trials we can face in life. His work is superior to all the opposing floods we can face. We must only realize that when the flood is pressing in on us or trying to carry us away, it is by faith in his word that we are buoyed up so that we are not overcome. If we are sick, we choose to take his healing and health that he purchased for us. If we have made bad choices and are suffering the consequences, we choose to cling to him in repentance for mercy and truth to be in our lives. If we feel we are near the end of our journey and our strength is draining away, we choose to take the cleansing blood of Jesus and draw peace and strength from him who is all powerful and above every overwhelming thing, even death itself. According to your faith be healed and healthy, and when the final flood comes know this, Jesus Christ rode the flood and won and he carries all those who cling to him safely to the other side.