It Is Already Done

The salvation message of the gospel of Jesus Christ does not say Jesus can come and die on the cross or will someday come and die on the cross for your sins to be taken away. The message says Jesus has already come and died for your sins and taken them away. When you hear that message and embrace it for yourself by faith and turn from your life in sin and confess that Jesus is your Lord and follow him in baptism, the Bible says you are saved (Romans 10:9-10; Mark 16:16). That is the Bible message of salvation. Included in that salvation is the promise of the baptism of power by the Holy Spirit which also is embraced by faith and yielding our life to him. The salvation message of healing in the Bible does not say Jesus can take lashes on his back or will come and take a beating on his body for your sicknesses to be healed. The message says that Jesus has already come and taken a beating that left gaping, bleeding, wounds of stripes on his body that was the payment before God for your healing (Isaiah 53:4-5). Receiving healing is just like receiving forgiveness of sin and a new life in Christ. When you embrace by faith the good news that Jesus has already born your sickness in his body, and turn from embracing sickness to embrace him for sickness, confessing that he has healed you, you are healed. You stand on that. Jesus demonstrated on earth for three and a half years that salvation included forgiveness of sins, deliverance from satan, and healing of all sickness by the power of God’s Word and the Holy Spirit. Then when he left earth and went back to heaven, the last message he left his followers was that he would pour out that same Spirit upon believers so they could live in and minister by the same Spirit by which he operated, in his name. Salvation from sin, satan, and sickness is a finished work, done by Jesus Christ for the whole world. The good news, the gospel, is a message of accomplished victory by Jesus Christ. To believe on and confess and embrace him and his work is to believe and confess and embrace full salvation in every area of our life. When we feed on his Word and yield our lives to his Holy Spirit, he makes this real to us so that we can walk in the victory he has already secured for us. The good news is not that he can or will do one thing or another. We get into the Word and see that in the realm of the Spirit it is done. As Jesus in his flesh body, filled with and led by the Holy Spirit, brought salvation to all, we, in this flesh body, filled with and led by the Holy Spirit, are able to walk in and minister that salvation that is already in place.