Jesus Is the Reason for the Season

This is the season of programs, parties, and procuring gifts. I was recently at a Christmas program and got to see friends and acquaintances I had not seen in some time. It was good to see them and visit with them and catch up on things going on in their lives. The program was a celebration and message concerning the birth of our Savior. Many enjoy the programs, the parties, and giving gifts, often without stopping to realize that this whole season is all because of Jesus. There are lights, and trees, and glitter and glitz, delightful things for the young and old. Some people now refuse to call it Christmas in order to be “politically correct”.  Some people don’t like the origin of “Christ – mass” that comes from one segment of religious belief and influence. Some say Christmas is too commercialized. But bottom line, it is all because of Jesus coming into the world.

What man does with Jesus coming into the world is man’s choice. Some people in the Apostle Paul’s day were hung up on making sure they did not eat foods that had been offered to idols. This was not a hang up for Paul. In his faith, he thanked God for the food and was nourished by it, but he respected other’s views and scruples. For each one of us we can either be hung up on some “negative” aspect of Christmas, or we can look beyond all that and consider ultimately it is all a celebration of Jesus. This Jesus came into the world to save us from our hell-damning sins and give us abundant life both now and for all eternity – there should be some celebration of him! This Jesus operated in earth under the direction of his all-powerful heavenly Father and accomplished the work so all men could walk with God. He then went back to heaven and sent his Spirit. Now, through the gospel, all people who will, can  come to know him and walk with him in that same power in which he walked on earth. This Jesus will take us from the program about him to the power of experiencing that all things are possible through him. His very birth was announced by the angel saying “For with God nothing shall be impossible.” Mary responded by saying, “Lord, be it unto me according to thy word” (Luke 1:35-38). It is when we respond to him and truly say, “Lord, be it unto me according to thy word” that we go from the program about him to the actual power of his life and Spirit within and upon us. The Christmas season is the time to be giving and receiving. Through what Jesus has done for all, we can share his goodness. Also through what he has done, we can receive all the good things – forgiveness, peace, joy, fullness of his life and Spirit, his leadership in life, and so much more. Jesus truly is the reason for the season.