Just Ask Waylon and Willy

IMG_4684The last time I said I would absolutely never have any pets, I ended up with a menagerie of fowl and animals out of which came the world famous Boo Boo the Chicken. That escapade ran it’s course and with life’s twists and turns I ended up quite content being pet-less again, with no intention of seeking out any kind of a pet. The last thing I needed was two puppies.

But one day I got a call. Two puppies had fallen into an eight foot deep dry well in under an older house where no one was able to get to them without some major modifications to the house, pipes, wires, etc. I assessed the situation and determined that by doing a little “rigging” under the house, my skinny little body could probably squeeze through the area and make the daring rescue.

This is a picture of the actual well.IMG_0056

I was successful in my efforts and duly turned the little explorers over to their grateful owner. However, the owner insisted that I keep the little fellas, as he was not able to properly take care of them. I said, “No way, I sure don’t need two puppies!” He insisted as he shoved them into my arms and I courteously replied, “OK I will keep them one night”, thinking that will give me time to find someone who needs them.

Well, since then I have named them Waylon and Willy, and a pen has been built along with full accommodations for their long term stay. I love their exuberance, energy and total love for life. The are my little buddies. They love me with all their heart and I am committed to take care of them the best way I can.

Psalms 40: 2, 3 says, “He also brought me up out of a horrible pit…and set my feet upon a rock, and established my steps.” Through the perfect work of Jesus Christ we all have been lifted out of the pit of sin and blessed in every way. If we believe and receive that good word, we can experience the good life with God as our Master who is committed to take care of us in the best way possible both now and forever. Just ask Waylon and Willy. They can testify to that truth. 7-13-12




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