Just Dive In

Having recently had my computer to slow down to zero operation, I put it in the shop and had it formatted, wiped clean, so it would run like new. And, that it does. Sometimes these devices get loaded up with electronic baggage that needs a good purging every so often. However, in the process, the connection to the printer also gets purged, and if you want to print, you must go through the process of getting the printer set up with the computer again. Well, at first I did not remember how this was done, but what I did was just “dive in” and start doing stuff in that direction. First, I determined that I was going to get the printer set up, and with that mindset, I immediately remembered to go to settings and start there. Once I took that first step and took some action, not only did my memory kick in, but the computer memory kicked in recognizing the printer and guiding me in the set up process. It did not take long before I had it all set up and now I am off and running.

Life in general and our spiritual life operates much the same way as this computer/printer. We get bogged down with life’s baggage and it interferes with our overall operation. Our formatting of the hard drive is called repentance in the spiritual realm. That’s where we lay it all out to the Lord Jesus and give it all up to him for him to set up his program in our life. When our program fails to operate properly or successfully because it is corrupted with junk, then it is time to just wipe it all clean and get a program in there that is uncorrupted. There are two benchmark events in my life in which “just dive in” became a clear realization. One was when I was born again and committed my life to the Lord Jesus at about age 14. I realized that my commitment to him could be partial or complete. It was a choice to make. With the river of Ezekiel 47 in mind, I prayed, “Lord, let me dive in and swim on your grace!” And I have his grace in my life. The other occasion was when I was first filled with the Holy Spirit. To receive and operate in that gift, one must take it by faith and launch out in faith for it to operate. In receiving that gift it came to mind, “There’s only one way to learn to swim, just dive in.” And that I did, and my reception of the Holy Spirit was complete. If we want our spiritual computer to operate right, sometimes we need a good formatting and then “just dive in” to get those things set up in our life to operate in his life and power and run like new.