Keeping Him In Remembrance

You know how you will have a seemingly important dream and it is as vivid as can be while you are dreaming, and while you are dreaming you think you will remember everything about it. Then when you wake up, it begins to fade fast. In just a little bit, you have little or no memory of what that dream was even about. That’s the way we humans are. Some things we never forget, and some things we have trouble remembering. The Lord knows we need reminders of things that are really important to us. That’s why he left some things to do that serve as reminders. Few people practice foot washing. I’ve only done it a few times. But we are told by the Lord that we should follow his example in being a servant to others. I’ve always just taken the spiritual meaning on it. Another thing is water baptism. That was given for a personal and public commitment to the Lord Jesus. When we have truly been born again and Jesus becomes our life, being water baptized is our once for all memorial statement. We are declaring to all that we and all our sins are dead and buried with Christ and we are raised in a new life, power, and purpose through the righteousness, person, work, and power of the resurrected Jesus Christ. It is a memorial point in our life that states that we will serve him with all our life for all time on earth. Being baptized in the Spirit of God enables us to do that as we walk out our daily life in his power. Communion is given to be taken as often as we choose, to keep what Jesus has done for us in remembrance. I take it daily. It is simply a time I pause with food and drink, or sometimes with cracker and juice, to thank the Lord for giving his life, shedding his blood, for me. I am reminded that he found me in sin, but his mercy washed my sins away. I am reminded of how the Lord allowed his body to be broken so my sicknesses could be healed. Whatever physical issue I am facing, I speak to that issue thanking the Lord for paying the price so I have healing and I don’t have to continue in sickness. Because of what Jesus did for us, we don’t have to continue in sin and sickness. But we need daily reminding. For us humans, a dream can fade and we miss it. Communion was instituted by the Lord himself so we can stay reminded of what he did for us. If we fail to “discern the Lord’s body”, failing to understand and apply his work to our lives, “for this cause many are weak and sickly” and many “sleep” in premature death (1 Corinthians 11:23-31). The good news is that we can stir ourselves up in remembrance daily and receive his blessing and power in our lives.