Kids Say the Darndest Things

I remember Art Linkletter’s television show called “Kids Say the Darndest Things”. One little boy was asked what his Dad does around the house. He replied, “He’s an attorney.” Art said, “That’s outside the house. What does he do to help your Mother?” The boy thought a second and replied, “He makes cocktails.”

Of course, a lot more people than attorneys make cocktails around the house, but whatever is done at home is absorbed by the kids, whether it be good or bad, for public knowledge or not. The fact is that kids are like sponges absorbing everything they see and hear. In this age of electronic media, of which even the youngest in the household is an active part, ideas, attitudes, and hard core training are conveyed to the children in everyday life. Seeds are planted, watered, and fertilized by sight, sound, and even physical interaction. The electronic media can be a powerful tool for good, to nurture good, Bible-based ideas, attitudes, and training, or just good basic things in life. Or, it can be the powerful tool to plant seeds of death, violence, evil, perversity, and so on. It is the parent’s responsibility to govern what the child is exposed to in early age. There are an abundance of songs and games targeted to little children that plant these seeds of death, violence, evil, and perversity. If young parents allow the world of seduction to pour their sights, sounds, and interactive “fun and entertainment” upon their children, with them absorbing every bit of it, it is the parent’s fault when the children have the mental, emotional, and social problems that they have. Some children don’t need a drug. They need time and direction invested in them by a godly parent instead of a T.V., phone, etc. You cannot expose a child to ungodly influences and expect them to not be ungodly. What the parent allows to be poured into the child is what the parent will get in the actions and attitudes of the child. Let them be programmed by death, violence, evil, and perversity, and they will grow up to have and experience deadly attitudes and perversity. Even good children still have a sin nature, and if you allow the flames to be fanned, you can have a wild-fire. There are absolutes of love, truth, and guidance in the Lord.

Wise parents live in the Lord by the Word and Spirit of God. It’s not a religious thing. It is the righteousness of God for real, continuous, victorious life and living. Jesus suffered to make families healthy and whole in every way. It is up to each of us to take responsibility to do it God’s way if we are going to receive God’s benefits. Jesus came to take our sins away, heal our bodies and relationships, and fill us with his power for abundant life. Let our children be programmed in turning from evil to walk in his love, truth, righteousness, and faith for victorious living.