Whether You’re ‘Wild’ or ‘Wary’, Learn To Be Led By the Spirit

IMG_4601Willy is the “boss”, and he is giving Waylon the “tell-you-the-way-it is, ol’ buddy!” (They are about 2 1/2 years old in this picture.)


Wild Willy and Wary Waylon — these are the personalities of the two pups I rescued from the eight foot deep dry well under a house. They are learning their lessons well. They come when called, sit on command, stay, crate, go outside to doodle and toodle, they walk orderly on a leash, and of course they know the word “eat.” Knowing how to play just came with the package — play is in every fiber of their being!

They are my happy little buddies who love to see me coming. I am building a good, positive relationship with them so their lessons are fun and deliciously rewarding. I myself have become their reward for they know that good things always come from me.

We live with a very busy highway on one side and with woods on the other, so we are flanked with potential danger for playful little pups. It is very important that they trust me without fear and respond in obedience positively and quickly. It is for their protection and well-being. The most important thing in their life is that they learn to follow the leadership of their master implicitly.

This is much like our relationship with God. Jesus rescued us from the pit of sin by his perfect finished work on the cross. He was raised from the dead to impart to us the fullness of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is our Helper and Trainer. He guides us only into good things that are for us. He has only our highest and best interest in mind. He wants to prosper us in every way. In his loving care we “have it all.”

Living in the guidance and care and the good things of the Holy Spirit is a reward in itself. This is the one main goal we can have in life and that is to learn to be led by the Holy Spirit. Whether we are a reckless wild Willy or a more reserved wary Waylon, God, through the agency of the Holy Spirit, wants to work with each of our individual personalities and guide us into good things for us and for everybody concerned. Again, you can just ask Waylon and Willy. 8-31-12


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