Lessons From Our Furry Friends

My little furry friends, my 20 pound rescue dogs, Waylon and Willy, are excellent teachers. Because I always treat them with love and respect, they always show unbounded enthusiasm in my coming to them. When out walking, they will sometimes just stop and run over to me for some loving attention. If I don’t give it right away, Waylon will extend his paw to touch my leg in his request for the coveted attention. When he gets enough, he will take off to go sniff around the yard. I don’t think Willy ever gets enough attention. He just rolls over with his paws in the air and closes his eyes wanting all the attention he can get. When they get a bath, and on other occasions when something is put on them, as soon as they are able they shake it off. When they are reproved, they take it to heart and usually crawl in their box in their little house and stay there until they are sure they are accepted. Then, with caution, they will come when called, and when it is confirmed that they are loved and accepted, they become free again. By observation, we can learn our lessons from them. If we treat each other with love and respect, we will always be glad to see each other. When we need to share or receive some affection, we should just go for it and get it. Some people need more affection than others. When stuff is cast on us from each other or from others, as quickly as possible we should shake it off and get on with living free and clean. When reproof and instruction is needed, we should take it to heart, learn what we need to learn, then, confirm our love and acceptance to one another. These are just a few basic life lessons to be learned from our canine companions that can enhance our personal relationships. The Lord gave us a guide in his Word that also gives the same life lessons. It also teaches us to walk in love, kindness, and respect to one another. It teaches to be kindly affectionate to one another, even as the custom is in that area of the world, to greet one another with a holy kiss. All of us need some degree of affection, some more than others. We are told to cast all our cares on the Lord, for he cares for us. We are not to carry negative stuff. When reproved, we are to receive it, taking ownership of our error, learn from it, and get on with what God has called us to do. Jesus suffered in body, soul, and spirit to make us one with the Father and live in the power and liberty of the Holy Spirit. The thief and “self” robs, kills, and destroys relationships and the abundant life. Jesus gave himself to give abundant life in every way. Let’s learn from our little furry friends to live abundantly.