Light By Which To See

If you are wondering why you might be having trouble breathing these days just take a good, strong, 12 volt flashlight out at night and shine it straight up into the sky. It will make you wonder how you can breathe at all. It is really bad now, during pollen season, but most anytime, year round, you can shine the light in the sky and see how the atmosphere is filled with chunks of stuff that does not really look good to breathe. Another thing you can do with that light is after the end of a typical day, lay that thing down on a hard surface floor and shine it across the floor and see what kind of dirt is laying in the house. Good “clean” floors really show their stuff when the light shines across it at just the right angle. And another thing I discovered one night was that if you put a strong light down near the ground when you are landscaping and smoothing out a lawn, you will be able to see every bump and every depression. With that you can rake out the lawn really smooth. I like to wear a headlamp to assist low-light tasks. With the light on your head, wherever you look, the light is right there to illuminate the subject before you.

Jesus, who is the Word, is the Light of the world (John 1:1, 14; 8:12). If we are having trouble breathing spiritually, we can turn the Light of the world on the situation and see what is going on. Our house might look clean in our own view, but when the Light of the Word shines on our floors, we can clearly see there needs to be some washing. We have many things that capture our attention in everyday life. There is one thing we need to put the spotlight on, and that is to see where we stand in relation to eternity in the light of the Word of God. That is not according to our own estimation or our own feelings. We need to see what God sees about us. The Word gives us that information. We need to read it for ourselves with utter honesty. Our eternal destiny is at stake. If things are not as we think they are, we want to know about it and do something about it. Once we deal with our eternal destiny and we are sure how we stand with the Lord in the light of his word, then we can “breathe easy”. We can see to get our life, our “house” and our “land”, cleaned up and smoothed out. With the word in our heart, we can see through God’s eyes, with his light shining on our path to lead us in the way of the cleansing blood of Jesus and the fullness of his Spirit and eternal life. Light is good. Walking in the Light is eternal life.