Make Sure Your Boat Is Properly Hitched

It is not every day that a 16 foot bass boat speeds across our front yard at about 45 or 50 mph, but that is certainly what happened last Sunday morning at about 7:45. I had turned the dogs out and was walking with them in the back yard, and when we made the turn to head to the front yard, I was surprised to see a boat sitting in a wooded area in the front yard next to the street. As I walked closer to it I could see the evidences that told the story. Somebody, no doubt, forgot to latch the hitch of the boat trailer to the truck, and when they came down Northshore Drive heading east and hit the bump coming off the little hill, it bounced the boat and trailer off the ball, and with no security chains attached, the boat and trailer took its own route across the yard. It was clear where the hitch slid off the road and started plowing through the lawn. It knocked a hub cap on the trailer to pieces as it barely cleared a street sign pole, it missed two bushes I have growing by the street, but it hit a 6 inch tree dead in the center of the trunk knocking it over to rest at a 45 degree angle over the creek. As I was examining the whole situation, the owner drove up in his truck, and after a short discussion, he proceeded to take measures to get his boat back.

For myself, I thanked the Lord that the timing was such that the dogs and I were not at that spot when it happened. Its route across the yard and where it came to rest was part of our normal walking route. “In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths” (Proverbs 3:6). Next I realized that it is easy to be careless, and when we are, things can come loose and damage is done. If we fail to be diligent in spiritual matters in our walk with the Lord, we can bring on our own hurt and misery. It is good to examine ourselves according to the basic teachings of the plain Word of God. We need to double check to make sure we are hitched up to the Word, the Spirit, and to a good understanding of our position in the Lord so that things don’t go flying to pieces when we hit the bumps in the road. There are bumps in the road. We need to make sure we are examining our lives by what the Word says instead of examining the Word by what our lives say. The first examination will bring changes in our life from glory to glory into the power of God. The second examination will leave us stagnant and in a dead religion that has no power of God. Just make sure your boat is hitched up the way it is supposed to be.