Master Mechanic

As an in-home caregiver, I am able to share the Word with my clients if they so desire. We have had several conversations about the Lord, and one day he asked me how he should start studying the Bible. We currently have an appointment with the eye doctor to get him fitted with some glasses so he can see better, and, he is looking forward to reading his large print Bible. This client loves automobiles and knows all about them. I can be driving him to a doctor’s appointment and he will see a car and start rattling off the make, model, year, the size engine it has in it.  I said, “First, you ask the Lord to guide you, then you open your Bible and start reading.” I suggested to him that he start reading the gospel of John and the book of Acts. In this he would see the ministry of Jesus, how he operates, and how that same ministry plays out in our lives as we are filled with and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. “It is like this”, I said. “If I am working on my car, and I don’t know anything about cars, but my car needs to be fixed so I can run it, the first thing I need to do is ask the master mechanic what I should do”, pointing to him, smiling. “Then, as you tell me what to do, I hear what you say and do what you tell me to do. As I hear what you say and do what you tell me to do, step-by-step, I get my car fixed, and in a short time I am rolling down the road.” I said, “Studying the Bible is the same way. You ask the Master Mechanic to guide you, you hear what he has to say, and you do what he tells you to do. In a short time, you are living in the life and power of God, rolling down the road with the Lord!” My client solidly related to the analogy. God went to a lot of trouble to get this book to us. He did not make it complicated. He gave us a complete historical guide of how he has unveiled Jesus into the world, and how he will continue to unveil him into this age of time. The key to being in God’s program and in God’s timing is to hear what the Master Mechanic says and do what he says. Whatever make and model you are, God has given the step-by-step guide in his Word and by communion with his Spirit, to get you up and running and going where he wants you to go in life. One thing good about the Lord is that he has a body shop that can take care of any damage that has been done in a collision, too. It’s all right there in the Word and Spirit by faith in Jesus Christ. Roll on trusting Jesus!