Money in the Bank


money22There was a time in my early adult life that I did not have a nickel to buy a package of Juicy Fruit gum. I have experienced no money in the bank and money in the bank. Money in the bank is better. Money in the bank lends itself to being a more peaceful and restful condition in the natural order of things. There is happiness in being able to buy what you want when you want it. Money in the bank is wonderful, helping to provide an abundant lifestyle of being fully satisfied in the natural realm. The hard work it takes to get money in the bank is worth it.
In the spiritual realm there is a spiritual bank. God saw our spiritual poverty, that we, within ourselves, did not have one spiritual nickel to make it with him. He sent Jesus to do the work of righteousness for us that we had no ability to do. Jesus completed the work and made the spiritual deposit on behalf of every person. All the spiritual resources anyone would ever need in order to live a peaceful, joyful, abundant life both here and hereafter was laid up in the heavenly realm. Jesus worked hard, denying himself and laying his life down, in order to provide that spiritual bank account for us.
He maintained perfect righteousness in order to give us the gift of his righteousness so we can be in fellowship with an absolutely holy God. He took a beating in his mind and on his body in order to provide healing and wholeness for our mind and body. He was crucified at the hands of proud, self-righteous, “good citizens” who disdained his work, holding to their own concepts and ways of doing their “good” things. What they did not know was that in that very act, Jesus was taking their sins and the sins of the whole world upon himself, laying up in the spiritual bank total acceptance by God of every person in the world.
If we don’t make withdrawals from our account by check, card, or by actually going to the bank and making a withdrawal, that money does not benefit us. Turning from sin and our own way, to believe and act on the word and work of God on our behalf, is how we make withdrawals from the spiritual bank account. Jesus, in the midst of all religions, philosophies, and personal opinions and concepts, boldly announced that he was the way, truth, and abundant life of God. Through faith in and by acting on his word, we can make withdrawals to enjoy his forgiveness, healing, power, peace, joy, and abundant life in every way because of our “money in the bank” called mercy and grace.


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