Move, Move, Move, and Live

Over the holidays with families getting together for all the food, fun, and fellowship, typically the TV is going with a football game or a holiday parade. This past holiday found the National Geographic documentaries being viewed showing the fascinating migrating moves of various animals, birds, insects, and others. It is amazing to consider how GPS has been in operation since the beginning of time with pinpoint accuracy in the critter kingdom. The whole delicate operation and balance of nature is a wonder in itself with the animals adapting to the various conditions they face. As the documentary on migration drew to a close, the narrator summarized what had been observed and finished it out with these words: “Move, move, move, and live.”

How true of the law of life that has been set up on the earth, and how true it is in our spiritual lives. We are probably all familiar with the old adage “Use it or lose it.” Jesus taught the same principle. He told a story about three men who were given respectively five, two, and one talents (an amount of worth or value). The first two invested their talents to bring a return and fruitfulness. They kept their talents on the move. The third man was afraid of losing his one talent so he buried it. When they had to give account for what they did with their talents, the first two were commended for their faithfulness in keeping their talents “moving” and profitable. The third man, living in fear, had his talent taken from him and it was given to the man who was given five talents. Whether it is money, abilities, our physical body, our mind, or our spiritual man, if we just let it sit there and don’t invest it, it will degenerate into nothing and we lose it. If we let our faith just sit there and we don’t use it and exercise it, we lose it; we can only see and live by natural laws.

The Bible says faith comes by hearing and our hearing is by the Word. The first move we can make to use and exercise our faith is to get the Word of God into our hands. Just knowing Bible stories and what the Bible says won’t make a change in our mind, body, spirit, or circumstances. But when we take that Word in our mouth and speak it out loud and apply it to specific things, then we are getting things moving. The spoken Word is living and powerful. We can let that Word lay in the back window of our car, or we can lay that Word in our heart and in our mouth for faith to arise and the power of God to manifest. As with the animal kingdom, to survive and thrive, we need to “Move, move, move, and live!”