My Stay In The Heart Rate Hotel

My heartbeat reading on our home blood pressure machine was very high. I figured it was the batteries. They checked out OK. Then we figured the machine itself was faulty, assuming we needed a new machine. Measuring and comparing Barb’s heart rate, the machine proved out to be fine. My rate was actually high. We called the doctor’s office and told them the rates and they said that was stroke level, and I was to come in now. Saints were notified to pray. The doctors checked me out and immediately sent me to the nearest ER by ambulance for more extensive resources to get my heart rate under control. They did, and with an overnight stay in the Heart Rate Hotel, with the remedies provided, I was able to go home the next day. However, while there, during the night, things were not changing for the better. At 3 a.m. in the morning, lying in that hospital bed, not being able to sleep, it occurred to me to ask the Lord for a word to stand on for the healing of my condition. Psalms 27:14 came to me: “Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.” I spoke that Word out loud to my heart in the name of Jesus. It came to me about how Paul and Silas prayed and sang praises in their midnight hour in prison. I prayed over my heart by the Spirit (tongues), and sang Amazing Grace and Lord Prepare Me To Be A Sanctuary. Using my phone Bible app, I did a word study on that scripture in Psalms. Looking up the Hebrew meanings of some of the words, I saw it was saying (my paraphrase) “Entwine yourself with the Lord expecting him to move, obstinately take charge to conquer your situation, and he will make your heart to be alert, on point, steadfast in normal operation.” I gave thanks for his Word. At 3:30 the nurse came in and announced, “Good news! You are showing a regular heart beat!” They did an electrocardiogram on me to confirm it and sure enough, the persistent flutter had ceased.

With the prayers, medications and spiritual applications, I am now home with a normal heartbeat. I give God the praise for the prayers of saints, the medical profession, and for the Holy Spirit who leads us in applying the finished work of Jesus Christ for our deliverance in every way. I will continue in this way of faith and cooperation with the natural and medical means to completely overcome the situation. Our body is God’s temple. We need to take care of it so we can get the work done that God wants us to accomplish. It is not by fear, but by prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit, by the care born of love to God, and by a sound mind, using every day common sense, that we overcome. 2 Timothy 1:7