No Fault In the Man

The press and electronic media are filled with candid and divergent exchanges of opinions over all the hot issues at hand, all based on one’s personal point of view formed by one’s personal exposure to life and its experiences. It is a heated conflict of “I am right” and “This is right” or “You are wrong” and “That is wrong”. Some are so distracted by the confusion that they lose their personal moorings and drift into the belief of having no beliefs, to be tossed by whichever way the wind blows and whatever feels good. In time, this proves to also be empty and miserable. The accusations and vilifications fly on every hand from names called out that I will not relate in this media to names called out such as “homophobic hate preacher”. It’s all the “I’m right, you’re wrong” exchange. May I present to you an alternative consideration?

This is not based on my or your personal life experience. It does not come from my or your personal point of view. There is a “benchmark”, an established point, by which all things are measured. God himself drove the pin down into this earth as that point of reference. First, he etched in stone the law that reveals death-dealing sin. Then, he moved on a human being by His Spirit and gave birth to the shining benchmark named Jesus. Born amidst all the controversy and conflict that flesh and satan can offer, God’s hand perfected him to be the Savior and Lord for the salvation of all mankind. You and I are wrong. He is right. I won’t bow or answer to you, nor you to me, but we both will bow and answer to God and to the name of Jesus. The fact is, apart from all human reason and opinion, God is love, and he came in love to help mankind in his dilemma of futile sin and emptiness. He came to set us free and fill us with his love, joy, and peace in living out his plan for each of our lives. It is when we take our opinions and controversy to God and set ourselves up against his love extended to us that we lose. We only cut ourselves out. The smart thing to do is to bow to and embrace him and his ways of love, truth, and righteousness. When we violate him and his ways, we violate and deprive ourselves. We lose. But to embrace Jesus as Lord is to embrace the one who is actually right. There is no fault in him. He is right every time, all the time. With our allegiance and our lives committed to him alone, though others opinions and points of view may assail us, they will never find fault in him. His love and truth will remain when everything else is swept away. We win.