Ole Queen

dog treeing squirrel

When I was a 14 year old kid at Poyen my neighbors had a hound named Queen that would tree squirrels. They were glad for me to take ole Queen out squirrel hunting. We would go down in the Francois Creek bottoms with high hopes of coming back with plenty of game for Momma to cook. Ole Queen was a good hunting dog, but sometimes I did not find the squirrel that she treed. She would tolerate that a time or two, then after about the third time of me not finding the squirrel, I would see that dog look at me with a disgusted forlorn kind of a look, and I knew she was through for the day. If I could read her mind I would probably hear her saying, “Well blankety blank, if that bozo is not going to find the squirrels that I tree, then I’m just goin’ to the house!” And off she would go. No amount of calling or coaxing could keep her in the woods. When I finally got back to my neighbor’s house, there she would be, lying out by the porch, not wanting a thing to do with me. She would hunt all day long if you kept the squirrels hitting the ground. But if she found out that you could not be depended on get the game, she did not want to waste her time with you. She would just let you go make it on your own.

A believer, a follower of Jesus, can “grieve” the Holy Spirit (Greek meaning: “to distress, to be sad” Ephesians 4:30). God is looking for faithfulness. If we repeatedly fail to fulfill our responsibility, it makes the Spirit of God sad. He works on our behalf to bring about good things in our life. He sets things up for us. Then, when we repeatedly blow it, he is sad. First we are responsible to love him above all things believing his Word, the Bible. God is faithful to his Word to do what he says he will do. Next we are to obey the prompting and guidance of the Holy Spirit. If we are bound by our fears and faulty ways so that we don’t listen to him to allow him to cleanse and change us, he is sad. Repentance and faith is in order here. He is leading you in a good way to “get the game and bring home the goods”. Pay attention and listen to him and look intently for what he is bringing you to. Boom! “Fried squirrel!”


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