One Goal

semi_pass_failBarb was driving down the interstate going 70 mph. It was a beautiful clear day and with no traffic except an 18 wheeler. As she started to pass, she heard from inside, “Don’t pass.” She held back. Immediately the big rig began crossing the lane, weaving in the highway. Had she been passing, she would have been hit for sure.

If you had only one goal for the coming New Year, what would it be? I submit to you that if you have only one goal for the coming New Year, it should be that you give yourself unreservedly to learn how to be led by the Holy Spirit. Why should this singular goal be sought? If you get the first peg in the right hole, all the others will fall into their proper place.

God is good and he only leads a person into good things. He leads into freedom from sin. He leads into love. He leads into faith, forgiveness, and fruitfulness. He leads into protection and prosperity. He leads into healing and health and on and on it could go. God gave his Son, Jesus, as the perfect sacrifice for our salvation in every way. He only has our highest and best interest in mind. He never leads us in a deviant or inferior way. He desires the best for us. His very purpose is to bless us, our families, and our future both now and forever. Who, in their right mind, would refuse or even treat lightly, such a wonderful guide?

The good news is that this and so much more is all constantly operating! All we need to do is pay close attention to his word and respond so that we position ourselves to receive his Holy Spirit and learn to be led by the same Spirit. Yes, a person would have to be crazy to ignore such an offer of abundant life.

So, how do we learn to be led by the Holy Spirit? First, we hunger and thirst to be led by the Spirit by a life style of turning from sin and turning to the Lord to live with him in daily fellowship. Next, we listen to his voice inside our heart, in our inner being, and respond in quick obedience. The inner voice will always be for good in accordance to his written word. As we are exercised in this way, we grow in the grace of being led by his Spirit.

What a wonderful goal and grace, to be led by God himself!


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