The followers of Jesus had been in the protection of his physical presence for over three years. Now, he was about to leave them to go to the cross and back to heaven via the resurrection. Judas was about to betray Jesus. Peter was about to deny Jesus and be sifted like wheat. Jesus was about to leave his followers of yet an imperfect faith in a cruel and imperfect world. There was a mission to accomplish, and the lethal force of the world was about to come crashing in on them all. In the world, lethal force must be met with lethal force. It is called war. Jesus told them to sell a garment if they had to, and get a sword. In the face of war, he told them to pack (Luke 22:36-38).Peter carrying sword

The President of our country and his wife and children are surrounded by people who are packing firearms for their protection so his mission can continue. You and your families and mine are not mindless rugs on which to be trampled. If our neighbor comes at us with lethal force, they cease to be a neighbor at that point and they become an enemy who has declared war on us. They are to be met with lethal force. We need to be packing to protect our families and our mission. packing pistolWe deserve protection just like the President. We never know when an attack can occur. It is just a plain and simple reality of life – if a snake is about to strike, you strike him before he strikes you. Be ready. We need to train and be proficient in the ability to defend ourselves. We need to be good at what we do.

The good news is that we are not limited to just depend on the arm of flesh in this world of lethal force. We can also pack love, faith, and the Word of God through the name of Jesus, for a 44 caliber prayerprayer kneeling that will release the Spirit of God and angels to operate for supernatural protection and accomplishment. We don’t need to be operating with pea-shooter prayers. Jesus packed faith in the Word when he put Satan on the run when he was tempted in the wilderness. Now is the time to pull the trigger with Spirit-inspired prayer, and to be ready to pull the trigger to stop any invasion in our personal space. That is our right and responsibility. It is for the good and well-being of all.



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