When I get in a cooking mood you either get oatmeal no bake cookies, tapioca pudding, eggs cooked one way or another, or, the world famous (in the Calhoun family) Jack’s Snack Shack buckwheat pancakes.

Now these are no ordinary pancakes. You start with buckwheat pancake mix, then eggs, salt, honey, oats, protein powder, wheat germ, ground flax seed, pecans, walnuts, diced apple, blueberries – and that can be only part of it. Basically, if it doesn’t walk off the counter, it could go into the pancakes. The only measured thing is the egg, and that is because it comes as a pre-measured item anyway. It seems like most everybody likes my pancakes. I don’t usually tell them the ingredients until after they have eaten at least part of their portion. Some people are prejudiced against healthy stuff, so it is best they don’t know what they are eating or they would never think the pancakes were as good tasting as they really are.

There is a scripture in Psalms 103:5 that says God satisfies our mouth with good things so that our youth is renewed like the eagles. God likes for us to have things that taste good to us that is good for our youthfulness. This can also apply spiritually. God wants us to have good spiritual food that gives us spiritual strength and vitality. If for any reason we are prejudiced against what God has to offer, we will miss the benefits that come with the meal. That is why we need to depend on the Holy Spirit to teach us and simply take the Word of God at face value.

Jesus came to give us abundant life in every way, and the New Testament is a picture of the operation of that abundant life and successful ministry. We might like plain buttermilk pancakes just fine. But there are other pancakes that can be enjoyed. We might be satisfied with our spiritual life as it is. But how do we measure up to the spiritual life portrayed in the Word? Are we experiencing what they experienced in the gospels and in the book of Acts? If not, then there are some more ingredients that need to be put into the batter. Pour in some pure Word that has not had a man’s slant put on it. Mix in some faith that comes by hearing that Word. Jesus gave the Holy Spirit to be the Helper in every way. Make sure you don’t leave him out with all his manifestations for the good of all. Stir all this up with the spoon of obedience to his promptings and with the fire of his presence you will have a fine meal like you have never had before. Enjoy the pancakes!