Partnership Part One

Some gangs and some tribal chiefs in some societies make strong commitments to one another by “cutting a covenant” by making a cut on their body and mingling their blood. There are many different ways in which people establish a blood covenant with one another. Regardless of the particular formalities, blood covenanting is practiced around the world to unite people in a partnership with mutual goals and commitments.

Followers of Jesus are united in a mutual goal and commitment by the very blood covenant that God cut with Jesus. God’s goal and commitment to the world and to those who believe on his Son is to do all within his power to bless in every way. He is committed to help, to heal, to protect, and to provide for all and especially for those who are sharing his mutual goal. The believer’s goal and commitment to God is to do all within their power to be a blessing to God in sharing his goal for the world. This is done by relying on, by being connected with and in communion with his Son, Jesus Christ. So, what is God’s goal for the world which the believer in covenant partnership with God shares?

We can simply look at Jesus for the answer. God’s goal for the world is to heal, forgive, and empower every person to walk with him now and forever. That’s what we see Jesus doing for people. Partnership with God, and with each other, is to share and be committed to this goal through faith in Jesus Christ. This is the “communion” with his blood and body (1 Corinthians 10: 16), the “fellowship” in the gospel (Acts 2: 42; Philippians 1: 5), and the “communication” (Hebrews 13: 16 – giving money) that is mutually shared in partnership with God and with each other. The Greek word used in all these instances is “koinonia” which means partnership…participation…social interaction…pecuniary benefaction (giving money). We are in a blood covenant partnership through faith in Jesus Christ sharing one mutual goal and commitment: to do all within our power to bless God and every person on planet earth. By this shared goal and commitment, by our partnership in the gospel through the blood covenant of Jesus Christ, we bless God, and this is how God can bless the world. 4-14-15


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