After much delay, and dread, I have finally started the process of getting a new phone. I say a process because when you have lost your password it is not an easy thing to get the transition complete. Even though I now have a new phone, and it works, there is data and information that is yet to be transferred that requires the password. When that little detail comes in hopefully I can go back to the AT&T store and we will complete the deal. Such a wonderful convenience is a cell phone to keep us all “in touch” – from George Orwell’s Big Brother in the sky to the children. I think that through this medium we are more “in touch” than we realize, or, want to be. We live in an information loose society. Nothing is really private any more – except maybe some political leadership who have an agenda to promote their own interests. Between the cell phone and the computer we are tied in to the whole world. And by the way, this week I also am having my computer worked on, so I’m in the midst of a personal electronic storm getting all my digital details worked out. The nightmare of it all is having the proper username and password. That is the requirement to breathe in this electronic age. Without it you cannot enter into this digital kingdom of electronics and you are cast out into outer darkness away from email and face book and twitter and tweet tweet and all that chaos. Horrors! Where would we be without daily chaos!?! Oh yes, and we must have the TV going in the background while all this is going on. Peace, quiet tranquility, calm – what is that!?! And for young parents or grandparents with grandchildren, add some clamoring kids in the mix. This is the society in which we live. None of that sittin’ on the front porch having a visit with the neighbor! We are long past that. Besides, I don’t even know my neighbor!

Yep! That’s the way it is so much these days. In all the mental clutter, it is good to “come to the garden alone, while the dew is still on the roses” and have a little quiet time with Jesus. I know that what he writes in his Face Book is true. I don’t have to Snope it. I know he is not on a personal political agenda to control my lifestyle. I do know he is out for my good in every way. I know if I acknowledge him, he will direct my path in the good things he has purposed for me. Submission to God, to Jesus and to the Holy Spirit is my password into hearing his voice and following him in the secret place of the Most High, and in that place is real protection. Peace. What a wonderful thing to have peace in the world today.