Polished Marble

marble tile kitchenmarble tile overallThe choice for repairing the kitchen floor was a light gray one foot square natural stone polished marble. No tile is of the same color or design. Colors range from light gray to streaks of burgundy, dark gray, and shades of muted orange. There are fissures and patterns of an infinite design. In the laying of the tile, the pattern in one tile happens to marry up to the pattern of another tile so that they appear to have been cut from the same stone; others are definitely stand alone. They are all set in and grouted together with a concrete product that hardens like rock. This forms a beautiful, durable floor with an infinite variety of design that will be admired and enjoyed for years to come.

In this I am reminded of the world wide body of Christ. Members of that body are all born again, each one cut out of the big Rock Jesus Christ, by the work of the word of God and the Holy Spirit. By the working and polishing of that same word and spirit of God, the unique beauty of each tile is revealed and enhanced, to be admired and made useful in the kingdom of God. No two people are the same. Every person has their own unique design, color, and personality. The diversity is what goes to make up the beauty of that body. In this there may be preference, but there is no room for malicious prejudice. Each stone is set in the love of God and grouted together with the same. Each stone is set side by side for one over all mutual purpose, and that is to carry the presence of the King in everyday life. This is the important thing in life: to be positioned in love, fused together in love, and to carry the presence of him who is love in everyday life. Seeing and accepting that Jesus took our sins away will position us in love. Receiving and walking in the power of the Holy Spirit allows the love of God to operate and fuse us together in love. To carry the righteousness of the presence of Jesus Christ in everyday life is to bring the beauty of heaven into the earth today. The polished marble tiles placed together by the precious blood of Jesus allows us, the yielded believers, to be a part of his beauty in everyday life


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