Power in Jesus’ Name


From time to time someone will mention to me that they saw a posting on Face book about Booboo the chicken, when my sister did mouth-to-beak resuscitation and ended up on the Jay Leno show. Since January 2006, Booboo became the most famous chicken ever in the history of the world. This was due to electronic media which instantly broadcast the Daily Siftings Herald front page story around the world with responses from India, England, Venezuela, and other countries, and, of course, from all across the United States. It is a funny story that everybody still enjoys to this day. You can read all about it at www.booboothechicken.org.

But it all began when I found Booboo floating in a small ornamental pond in our back yard with its wings spread out and its head down in the water. Of all the critters we had, I did not like Booboo because it was so skittish, and would always run away from you for no reason. But just that morning I realized that Booboo was actually a very unique and pretty chicken, and at noon, when I found Booboo floating in the pond, it made me mad because “the devil’s trying to steal one of my chickens just when I am starting to enjoy it.” Well, I grabbed that chicken up and shook it and squeezed it (to squeeze some water out of it I guess), and angrily said, “In the name of Jesus you will live and not die!” And, I meant it. The rest is history. The fact is that the chicken did live, and, it is alive in the hearts of millions of people today, although the chicken itself died (again) and is now mounted, gracing our living room to oversee all the activities taking place there.

The Bible says God has exalted Jesus and given him a name above every name, that at the name of Jesus everything must bow. The lesson here is this: whether concerning a dead chicken or a deadly disease or a disastrous situation before us, faith in the name of Jesus releases the working and power of God to bring a solution and a remedy. Jesus is the resurrection and the life, and when we believe on him and allow him to have his way, we can experience new hope, healing, love, life, and liberty. There is power in the name of Jesus!


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