Pray For Our Children

We all need a reminder from time to time, especially of important issues. Reminders can save us a lot of grief. For instance, it is good that we are reminded of our wife’s birthday, lest we forget, for if we forget, there can be a lot of grief – and all the men in the amen corner of the church gave a hearty “Amen!” Seriously though, this is the time of year our children are starting back to school, some for the first time. Today I want to remind us all to pray for our children – all the children in the schools. There are sinister forces out to undermine and destroy the right judgment and values of our children. They are the foundation for the future of liberty and justice for all and one nation under God. It starts in the home and the classroom. Along with the children, we must pray for all of us parents and grandparents and for those who hold the responsibility of raising the children. We do not wrestle with flesh and blood. We wrestle with unseen spiritual forces that inspire and use people either for good or for evil. For real change, believers must deal first with those forces. When we pray, we need to stand in faith on the promises of the Word, and pray in harmony with those promises. “Lord God, you gave promise in your Word to your people, that you would teach the children and great would be the peace of the children.” (Isaiah 54:13).  “I am asking you, Lord, to bring this to pass in the lives of our children. Bring laborers into their path to teach them the ways of the Lord by your Spirit and Word.” In this, we must pray for our teachers and school boards and administrators that they have divine inspiration for wisdom and understanding of how to make the right decisions in the face of pressures that would lead otherwise. It is not easy. We all need to stand together looking to the Lord to strengthen what is good, and to bring about change where change is needed. God’s heart is for families. Where families have been destroyed by sin, lust, and evil works, believers must show how the Lord God, through the work of Jesus Christ, can be a Father to the fatherless and a judge of the widows, and a husband to the woman forsaken, and in all this how he can set the solitary in families (Psalms 68:5, 6; Isaiah 54:5). We can pray according to the Word of God and bring to pass change and divine help from on high. All of this is for our children. God loves the children and invites them to sit on his lap so they can feel the warmth of his embrace and receive the love that only comes from him (Matthew 10:13-16). Without his loving embrace, our children desperately search for meaning and identity. Let’s pray, and give Jesus to our children.