Prayer With Trust In The Word

Some years ago a rat got into the car and chewed some wires. We no longer could enjoy seeing the direction of travel indicated in our rear view mirror, for that disappeared. Some of the front panel lights showing how many miles remaining of fuel and other indicators also disappeared or became dim so that you must turn the inside light on to read it. There are now indicators on the dash that should disappear which never disappear. That happened a few years back. The car has still run good. It is just some inconveniences and aggrevations that would be great to be without. Plus, if one of the indicators is giving a true indication of needed service, you never know it because it stays on all the time. So that is definitely not good. With the purchase of a newer model car, we did not want a rat to get in it, so I set traps in strategic locations hoping to catch any culprit lurking around the new car. And, we agreed in prayer that any rat be attracted to the traps and be disposed of, and simply, “Lord protect us from the pestilence of the rats.” (Psalms 91:1-3) The next day I went out to the car to go somewhere and sitting behind the car, just sitting there on all fours, was a big rat. I was not sure if it was dead or alive, but one swift stomp by my size 14 gave me assurance that he was definitely dead.  Coincidence? I think not.

Jesus said to ask and it will be given, seek and you will find, knock, and it will be opened unto you. He said to speak to the mountain without doubt and those things that you say will come to pass. He said when you pray believe you receive and you will have the things you desire. God is faithful to his Word. Period. If we are willing to put the Word out there, God is willing to perform his Word for our good and his glory. That’s just the way God operates. In the beginning he spoke the Word and created this world and the things that are in it. Abraham picked up on this and refused to stagger in his faith in God by giving glory to God ahead of time. Honestly, I was surprised to see the rat sitting there, but I instantly remembered we had prayed. With that recollection I instantly went into action. If God brought that rat to this point and it is just sitting there, I am going to make sure he does not get away, and he did not. Sounds kind of bizarre, and it is. But read the book. You will find some bizarre things in there, too. It is kind of bizarre that Almighty God would give his own Son to do the work to rescue us from sin and fill us with his Spirit. Believe the Word and see God’s hand move.