Punch The Button!

We took a recent trip to Tulsa and stayed overnight in the Hampton for a couple of nights. Upon completing our stay, we were taking our stuff down from the second floor to the car. I had my hands full with my mind scanning the situation to make sure we were getting everything, including phone chargers plugged into electric sockets and house shoes that might be tucked under a chair or desk. The elevator opened and I boarded the little mobile cubicle with my mind still systematically analyzing the move out. Soon, my mind was drawn to the fact that even though the doors had smoothly and quietly slid shut, the elevator was not moving. I thought, “Huh! This elevator is not moving! I wonder what’s the deal!” In my mind I double checked, and sure enough, it had not moved up or down a bit – still on the same floor. “Well, I’ll be…” I thought, and then I realized, I had not punched the first floor button. “Umh!” I grunted, and punched the button, with a life lesson now forming in my mind.

The fact is that God has put man in charge of this earth and this life. It’s a corporate deal. Our own and other people’s lives and choices affect us and each other. Because I failed to punch the button for the floor to which I wanted to go, somebody else on another floor could have influenced my destiny or the timing of me reaching my destination by punching their button. We can just stand around and ride up and down through life by how other people are punching their elevator buttons, or, we can have a destination in mind and punch the button that will take us to that place in good time. This is the button: Faith in God’s Word. This is the outworking of that faith: We have not because we ask not so ask God, believing specifically for what you desire, and write that goal down to keep it before you, affirming it daily with praise and thanksgiving to God. There are more mechanics of how the “elevator of life” carries you to your desired place, but none of it works directly for you unless you punch the button. Don’t be so preoccupied with your present life that you fail to punch the button of faith, and you fail to see your goal clearly to be motivated to write it down and call it out. Don’t be just standing in a little cubicle of the elevator of life going nowhere or being pulled up and down by everybody else punching their buttons! Punch the button of faith for your goal in the finished work of Jesus Christ for forgiveness, healing, direction, prosperity, and well-being in every way. Punch the button!