Rake the Coals Together

In stretches of cold weather, we just keep the fires burning with a good bed of hot coals. All you have to do is throw a stick or two of wood in the stove and it keeps on burning. Arkansas weather, and this season in particular, is a time that we wood-burners have to let the fire go out for warm days and build a new one for the cool days. If there are some coals down in the ashes from the last fire, you can rake those coals together, lay the kindling on the coals, stack the wood in, and in a minute you can have a blazing fire.

We all, and our nation as a whole, need a spiritual revolution to get back to the ways of God upon which this nation was founded. There needs to be a healthy fear of God and a bold, unashamed acknowledgment of the place of the Lord Jesus Christ for all people. To walk in the ways of the Word of God, there needs to be the manifest presence of God in our lives, in our churches, and in our society. This means a clear definition of and conviction of and turning from sin. It means a transformed life by the infilling of the Holy Spirit and walking in the ways of the Spirit of God. Seeing Jesus and the early church, we see supernatural healing on every hand, with other mighty signs and wonders done through the Spirit of God. This is not flaky, money-huckster, religious stuff. This is brokenness with utter dependence on God with compassion in action. It is seeing your brother or sister in need and not just talking about it, but laying hold on the promises and power of God to supply that need. We must believe that God is, and that he is a rewarder of them who diligently seek him (Hebrews 11:6). We cannot see a need and say be warmed and filled and do nothing about it, and be living in the love of God (1 John 3:16-24). God is the “Git ‘er Done” kind of a God. He will give information, but he does not stop there. Jesus rose from the grave and is seated in dominion and authority to give a demonstration of the goodness and mercy of God to all. If we are not believing for that and giving ourselves for God to manifest in healing, delivering power, then let us not pat ourselves on the back thinking we are living in the fullness of the Biblical love of God. We need to rake together any coals of faith and believers who will believe the Word of God, and pray until we can get the fires of God’s manifest presence burning in our midst. It only takes two or three. Let’s rake together the coals of the fire of the Spirit, and ignite the real-life arena with God’s manifest power blazing a supernatural demonstration of deliverance, all to his glory.