See the Elephant!

elephant with blind men

One of the blind men touched the elephant’s trunk and said it is like a tree branch. One touched its tusk and said it was like a spear. One touched its leg and said it was like a pillar. One touched its ear and said it was like a large hand fan. One touched its belly and said it was like a wall. One touched its tail and said it was like a rope. They all had a truth, but none of them were seeing the whole elephant.

In Christian circles, some emphasize faith, some, water baptism, and some, the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the supernatural gifts and manifestations of the Spirit. Some emphasize the name of Jesus, some, the sovereignty of God, and others, the free will of man. Diversities of emphasis are virtually endless. It just depends on which part of the elephant you are touching and how the elephant is moving at the time. At times one might say an elephant is like a waterfall! All of these perceptions are good and true. But if all blindness is removed, what do we see? We see the elephant! Our focus is not on a part, but on the “person” who consists of all the parts together. When we are seeing parts, we preach parts. When we are seeing the person, we preach the person.

The gospel of Jesus Christ presents a person who is Wonderful (Isaiah 9:6) – the fullness of God in bodily form – the very image of God (Colossians 2:9; Hebrews 1:3). All the parts operate in him for one grand purpose of God – so that every person on earth is presented with the opportunity to live in the presence of God for all eternity. Yes, we are to be baptized in water; we are to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and have the supernatural power of God operating in our lives; in the sovereignty of God we are to freely make choices; we are to know the authority of Jesus’ name, and we are to incorporate all this revealed truth for what purpose? To get the good news of the finished work of Jesus Christ out to every person alive on planet earth! Go to the nations! That’s the big picture! Don’t just grab the tail and shout, “I’ve got it! I’ve got it!” and never share Jesus with your neighbor! Share Jesus! He is the Savior! 3-16-15


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