Solar Lights

My beautiful wife, Barbara, loves to decorate with lights. At Christmas time the whole world gets to see her handiwork with the lighted decorations in the yard. When you step into our home you find lights very artistically placed in different rooms, providing both aesthetic appeal and attractive night lights. Outside along the creek in our back yard, we have some trees and bushes that remain after I cleared the underbrush. At night, with the solar lights that she has placed in these trees and bushes, a kind of festive campground atmosphere is created. Or, you could say it looks like giant fireflies parked in the trees. Whatever is one’s personal take on it, I think most would agree that it is interesting and pretty to have the lights glowing in the back yard. We enjoy it. As I said, these are solar lights that function on solar energy from the sun. If they get no sun, they don’t shine.

A word was recently given in our church which was expressing how our Father God longs to spend intimate time with his people. We live in a very busy society with many things taking us away from spending quality time with the word of God in the presence of the Lord. The word tells us they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength and there will be perfect peace whose mind is stayed on the Lord (Isaiah 40:31; 26:3). Perhaps some stay in such a busy tizzy doing their own thing that they end up popping lots of pills instead of taking the one gos-pill of Jesus for real peace and well-being. We are designed to run on Holy Solar energy. We might try to make our own light shine by recharging a battery that lasts only so long, when if we would just allow ourselves to be exposed to the living Son for a period of time, our light will have an unlimited source of energy. Once those little lights in our back yard get a good dose of the sun, they shine brightly in the night. That is what we all need in order to shine. We need exposure to the real, living, resurrected Son of God Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. We are promised that if we are hungering and thirsting after righteousness, will shall be filled – our life will shine with his life, gifts, healing, wisdom, and well being. Continued exposure to the Son in both the personal setting and in the corporate setting will cause us to shine with his supernatural light. We are all busy. We must on purpose take the time to be in his presence with his word if we are going to shine with his light. We need the Son in order to shine.