Stand In Faith

I’ve had the Covid. I’ve had the shot. I am standing in faith on Psalms 91, Mark 16:18, Matthew 4:4, and Romans 8:1-2 for myself and those for whom I pray. I pray for strength and wisdom for the medical community who are on the front lines of this dastardly war. From the medical community view, we are fast approaching the bottom of the ninth, bases loaded, with three balls and two strikes. The next pitch is going to be the deciding factor of the ball game. I’m going to do my part to win. If we have to vaccinate, mask up, social distance, wash and do all the protocol all over again, one life will be worth it. I will do all I can to not carry it to someone else. I stop at stop signs and observe speeding signs to possibly prevent an accident. I eat good food to nourish my body in order to do what I need to do. We all take measures all the time to bring about personal order, peace, and good for all. It is time for all the yapping and yacking to give place to good judgment for the good of all.

And let’s take it a step further. Man is a tri-part being. This life in which we live consists of a spiritual realm, a mental and emotional realm, and a physical realm. To successfully live, all these realms need to be addressed. With our eternal spirit connected to God through Jesus, we are connected to the healing, life-giving resurrection power of God demonstrated in Jesus Christ. In that Spirit of God is a law of life that supersedes the law of sin and death. If we walk after that Spirit instead of just our own flesh, we walk in all the healing, life-giving benefits that Spirit carries. If we instead live in constant fear and worry, that is an open door for sickness to prevail. We have the privilege in Christ of casting all our care upon him and walking in his peace and joy in the midst of the storm. If we refuse to do good things for our body, and we refuse to conduct our lives in a way that is expedient for all, then we are setting ourselves up for a fall while we take others with us. God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind. We are to not just live in the physical realm, we are not just to live in the mental and emotional realm, we are not just to live in the spirit realm. We are to live in all realms by the Spirit of God with power, love, and a sound mind with good judgment. This is the gift of God we are to “stir up” for our own good and the good of all (2 Timothy 1:6-7). Faith without works is dead. It is time to stand in faith in Jesus’ name.