Stay In the Secret Place

While going to a ministry training school in Oklahoma for two years, I was a part of the prison ministry team. We would go to the prison at McAlester and a few other places on a regular basis. Tornados out there can be seen a long way off due to the open, flat, plains. One Sunday I was driving one of the three vans loaded with volunteers going to the prisons to minister. It was the time of the year for tornados. That day there were several in the area through which we were traveling. As we traveled, we saw evidence of where they had passed through. A semi truck was over-turned, glass was broken out of the truck stop facility. The tornado was over and gone. We continued on. Finally, we came upon an active one ahead of us. The instinctive thing to do in such a situation is to take cover. It is said that you are not to park under a highway overpass in the event of a tornado, but that is what we did. We did not want the hail and high winds breaking out our glass if we could avoid it. Much fervent prayer was being offered in three vans loaded with men. The tornado blew over. We went on to our prison ministry thankful we were able to testify to the prisoners that God is the God of deliverance.

We are in a time of world-wide fear and sickness. Each of us needs to address the situation on three levels: spiritually, mentally, and physically. To only address one area is to be off balance. Spiritually, if there is any one scripture that covers it all, that we can stand on in faith, it is Psalms 91. It starts out with a person dwelling in the secret place of the Most High, and ends up with that person being satisfied with long life of seeing God’s deliverance in action. In between we find there is promise of deliverance from every sickness, every disease, every spiritual onslaught, and every evil thing a person can be hit with. It is well to seriously study and know the content of this Psalm and see how it ties in with the gospel of deliverance of the New Testament. Mentally, Isaiah 26:3, 4 tells us there is peace to those whose mind is stayed on the Lord, the Word of God, the promises of God, and the wisdom of God. Physically, we are to take care of our temples trusting God to lead us by his Spirit. If you find it good to wear a seat belt when you travel, then you will want to do those things that are good measures to head off sickness and disease before they hit. Have seat belts killed some people? Yes. Just riding in cars kills people. We buckle up and trust God. In all that we do, we are to stay in the secret place of trusting in God. God will deliver.