Steel in the Rock

steel in foundation steel in foundation and wall I once had the occasion to look at a house that had apparently been in the line of an earth tremor. The picture of the front of the house looked great, and when you stepped inside everything looked great, until you stepped into the back side of the house, then it felt like you were going downhill. When we went outside and around to the back of the house, we saw where the foundation that supported the raised slab had given way, and the whole back side of the block supporting wall was cracked and falling out allowing the supporting fill dirt to fall out. You could actually look up in under the house from the outside and see the exposed slab floor. Upon closer examination of the supporting foundation wall, it was seen that when the block foundation was laid, the reinforcing steel rods that were put in the block work only went down so far and stopped. It did not go all the way down to the concrete footing below. It was at the point where the steel reinforcing rods stopped that the blocks gave way in the tremor and allowed the whole wall to crack, give way, and cause the house to drop across the whole back side. The condition rendered the house uninhabitable as it is, for in time, it will continue to drop and pull the house apart unless a very expensive and extensive repair is done.

Anytime a foundation of any kind is compromised, it will be known when the test is put to it. It is the same in the kingdom of God. Jesus taught that if a spiritual house is built on sand, when the storm comes the house will fall. If it is built on bedrock, it will be able to withstand the storm. We all need to examine our foundation to make sure we are firmly connected by faith to the bedrock of Jesus and all that he is and what he has done and provided for us. Where the steel stops, that is where it breaks and gives way. Jesus has provided forgiveness of sin, fullness of the Holy Spirit with supernatural gifts and power, healing for our body, blessing in our life and in the lives of our families, and eternal life hereafter.

If these rods of truth are not driven deep in our foundation by faith, the tremor of life will show where they stop. We must take God’s Word as it is, drive every aspect of it deep into our being, and with praise and thanksgiving know that God is faithful to his Word. By building our house on the Rock, with the rods of truth driven deep, we can weather the storm giving all the praise and glory to God. Matthew 7:24-27.


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