Stockpile On the Ammo Now

It was open season on all wild game. The designated seasons were all over. The announcement was made and published. Foolish hunters made no preparation for that day. They had a round of ammo in the chamber of their gun, but that is all they had. They had one shot. Wise hunters had stockpiled ammo. They were able to hunt and keep on hunting to provide for their families in the hard times. The foolish hunters went to the wise ones and tried to bargain for some ammo, but they told them to go get their own. It was too late. There was none available for them. They perished, not able to secure the game they needed for their family to survive. It would be crazy for a hunter to not buy up some ammo in preparation for the big hunt, wouldn’t it?

Well friend, wake up to the reality of spiritual things. It is just as crazy to not be spiritually prepared to provide for your family, just drifting with the popular ways of the world, living like there is no eternity. Jesus told a little story about some girls who failed to have oil in their vessels along with the oil that was in their lamps. Oh, they had some oil in their lamps, but it was not enough to keep providing light in the coming days. That would be like having a twelve volt, battery powered flashlight, but you failed to get a charger. It will shine great for a while, but when it starts blinking off and you have no charger, it will get to where it just won’t shine anymore. Oil in the Bible consistently represents the Holy Spirit. By what Jesus did for us, God’s operation in our life is that we born of the Spirit and baptized with and walk in the Spirit, in order to be partakers of and live in the power of eternal life. God’s design is that we walk with him in victory each day. He wants us to have a “stockpile of ammo” to succeed in the “hunt” and have abundance of spiritual provision for our family and all the families of the world. If we only have one shot we’re going to come up short. Jesus said the devil has come to steal, kill, and destroy, but he has come to give life and life more abundant. How long are you going to let the devil steal from you? Go to God and get the ammo, get the abundance of the power of the Spirit that you need! Get plenty to share with family and others. Each man is responsible to get his own ammo. Get ready spiritually to provide abundance of spiritual food for all your family. Go at it like you were preparing for the big hunt! Get rid of your pride and get your stuff together. Don’t let the devil steal. Get ready and make the big kill, of spiritually providing for your family!