Straighten Up Your Van, Man!

I work out of a van in which I have an organized collection of tools and supplies. Over the years, by reason of use, everything has its place and purpose so that at any time I can go right to it and employ its use to get the job done at hand. When in the flurry of daily living and work, I fail to put things back in their place, things get hard to find and in the heat of the search, more things get out of place. Not wanting to take the time to straighten that mess out, I go on to the next job which usually creates more mess, searching for different tools or supplies. When this persists, by the end of the week, it is “Oh what’s the use, just throw it in there, it’s all messed up anyway.” Throw in some frustration, impatience, a short fuse, and time pressure to get a job done, and you have the formula for a emotional explosion in which the perpetuator always suffers pain or loss in some way. The longer you let it go, the bigger it becomes. The right way to manage things is to take the time as you go to stop, get things back in place where they should be, and go forward from there. It takes resolution and discipline. It is not going to just happen. With all my good intentions, I can look back and observe a history of everything starting out in order and in a few days it being in disorder. But one way or another, I must, at some point, get things straightened up, or it is utter chaos and I am out of business. It is much better to get it taken care of as you go.

In our walk with God and with each other, the same principle applies. It is usually best to stop and deal with the issue quickly and to the point with all truth. Get things back in place. The finished work of Jesus on our behalf is our place with God. Humbling ourselves before God and each other with repentance from sin and error is our place with each other. The truth sets us free (John 8:32). When we humble ourselves before God, he lifts us up into a life of vision and ability working with his supernatural life and ability unto victory. This can apply in mundane every day matters and in personal spiritual matters and in vital personal relationships. If we don’t want the house to come crumbling down, we better get things in place to be on the foundation of the Rock. If we want to stay in business, we better keep things in proper order so we can get the job done right. Straighten your van up, man! Take control of your life to live happy and free and get the job done right!