Strong and True

When we moved from Arkadelphia to Benton, we were sad to leave behind two yard ornaments my Dad had built. One was a little concrete 42 inch x 32 inch x 48 inch tall ornamental Dutch type house, and the other was a 6 foot wide x 9 foot tall white rock windmill. We talked about how we really missed those heirlooms in our life. I decided to investigate. With an eight foot steel railroad pole and a fulcrum, I discovered the little concrete house was sturdy enough built so I raised up one side, then another. By using boards and the sled principle on sections of pipe, I was able to roll the little house onto my car-hauler trailer and moved to Benton. I, and most who I talked to about moving the windmill, figured it would come apart when attempting to move (using a large excavator machine). I investigated and discovered the windmill was built on a 6 inch solid concrete foundation. I know how my Dad, who was in construction all his life, “built things right”.  I figured he had put plenty of steel in that foundation. So a dirt contractor and I studied it a while and decided we would attempt the move – there was nothing to lose concerning the windmill. He dug a 10 foot x 6 foot x 9 inch deep hole beside it. We laid two 10 foot crossties in it. We dug around the windmill so we could get a chain around it. With his machine off to one side he dragged the whole windmill over onto the crossties. We then chained off the ends of the crossties so he could lift the balanced windmill up with his crane overhead and place it on the trailer we had parked close beside it. It was off-loaded in the same manner. We now enjoy having the windmill gracing the west side of our front yard, and the little Dutch house is more toward the back yard. I restored the windmill blades that had rotted off with Arkansas red cedar, and balanced them so the slightest southerly or northerly breeze sends them gently spinning around.

To build it right in the spiritual realm is to have your trust for life and for eternal salvation placed solidly on the righteousness and shed blood of Jesus Christ for removal of your sin. Your goodness and your good works won’t cut it. His goodness, His good works, His resurrection, and His present intercession, is your peace with God. Jesus Christ, period. That’s the concrete slab with steel in it. Being filled with and walking in the Spirit is the strong mortar mix that holds the rocks together. Living in supernatural prayer and obedience to the Word, gives you the victory. Forgiveness, power, healing, joy, liberation – it is all available in Jesus by the working of the Father through the power of the Spirit. Investigate, and commit your life to Him to find this to be strong and true.