Take It With You!


There is a common saying referring to money, that when you die you “can’t take it with you”. True, the coin, the bill, or the plastic card won’t transfer for use when you leave this life, but, what that coin, or bill, or plastic card can do now, can go with you!

Jesus said, “Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven” (Matthew 6:20). Prayers and good deeds done for others are part of that, but our prayers and good deeds in themselves won’t buy an airplane ticket to Africa or the Amazon! It takes hard core money. And when that money helps fund the reaping of souls into the eternal kingdom of God, there have been treasures laid up in heaven into somebody’s account. The gospel is free to all, but it costs money to get the gospel out to the nations.

The early church sold possessions and goods and poured the money into the preaching of the gospel with multitudes being saved (Acts 2:41-47). First of all, they shook the place up by praying for healing and miracle working power (sometimes we need a good shaking up!) (Acts 4:29, 30), and then they did not just pass an offering plate to collect the funds; some of those folks sold homes and lands and invested the money into missionary work for the furtherance of the kingdom of God. They brought the money to the apostles (the “sent ones”), and they took the gospel of Jesus Christ out to the regions beyond (Acts 4: 31-37). That is what the book of Acts is all about.

Those folks of the early church were using some of their money to invest into their eternal bank accounts. Paul quoted Psalms 112: 9, teaching that there are eternal rewards in heaven for those who cheerfully give whatever they choose to give (2 Corinthians 9: 7-11). When you find a good horse that’s running strong, put your money on it! (I know of a professional gambler who helped support a radio ministry that was airing from the then KXOW radio station in Hot Springs, AR, home of Oaklawn horse racing.) In other words, for good returns, invest in a ministry that’s getting out there preaching Jesus with power and extending the kingdom of God! Giving money won’t get you to heaven, but it will sure enhance your stay while you are there! 3-15-15


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