Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

The team convened to accomplish the task. The Arkansas Blue Diamonds basketball team with the Arkansas Senior Olympics, consisting of ladies 50 years and above, put together a yard sale to raise money for the team. We hosted the sale at our place in Benton, helping in their quest for sponsorship. I directed traffic and Barb helped set up, and, made some delicious ham sandwiches and brownies. With unity of purpose, a mutual love of the game, and a lot of hard work, they pulled it off earning a generous sum of money. But it was a team effort all the way. With contributions of goods from the team members, with appreciation shared there, and with thanks to generous donors for the goods they contributed, the huge event was a great success! Team members involved in the sale itself were Lori Wood, Melanie Conway, Robin Hill, Lisa Hill, Susie Miller, Jessilyn Barksdale, and Carol Webster, and Barb and I were announced as honorary team members for hosting and assisting. Every person is important in accomplishing the task.

What a beautiful picture of the operation of the church in getting the gospel of Jesus Christ out to the world. Different individuals with different opinions, different ideas, different training, different levels of motivation, and different levels of leadership, all come together and communicate with one another, governed by the law of the love of the Lord and by the task he has assigned, and they are able to accomplish that task with success. More was accomplished than just selling goods and making money. I saw re-acquaintance of friendships and interaction with neighbors who had never been met. Prayer was offered for the infirm, trusting and expecting a supernatural touch from God. Team members got to know each other better, better enabling each to play their part in the game. God’s “game”, his “dream”, is getting the gospel of Jesus Christ out to the world with the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. A testimony was shared from a team member with me how by prayer, trusting and yielding to the Lord, a daughter was spared a situation that could have ruined her life. Instead, by obedient faith in God, she has now successfully graduated from college and on the path to continual success. God wants us to live abundantly and prosper in every way, spirit, soul, body, and socially. All of this is to operate in his kingdom on earth as it is in heaven, through his team, the church of the Living God. Team members with the Word of his purpose and his promise to be with us, endued with the power of his Spirit, are the vessels to carry his supernatural power and presence into the earth. Through the team, lives are changed for the better, delivered from a society of darkness into the light of God’s society in Christ Jesus the Lord. The blood washed, Spirit-empowered Church, is God’s team to bring the Good News of Jesus to all.