Ten Bricks

The cumulative choices that people make either produce peace and tranquility or war and chaos. They can either produce health and wholeness or disease and disaster. It can start with the idea of one. As others embrace that same idea, it can influence whole societies and generations. In today’s world, truth is elusive. Truth is ideas that one embraces or ignores. It is only the truth that will set you free. It is so important today that we follow truth and the way of truth. There is only one media source that can be fully trusted to give you the truth. With that I want to tell you about ten bricks. In tending to the flowers and plants in our yard, I was putting bricks around them to protect from weed eating, the daily dogs activity, and to hold mulch. I calculated that I needed nine more bricks to finish the job. It immediately came to mind “ten bricks” so clearly that I re-calculated and again came up with nine bricks. Once I got to the location of the last plants and placed the bricks I realized I needed one more brick for a plant I had overlooked. I went back and got the other brick thinking about what had just happened. Had I just listened to the prompting I would have had the brick. What little trouble would it have been to have the extra brick? With it I would have thought “Well, looky there! I needed that brick after all!” But no, I chose to ignore the prompting and go by my own calculations.

The Word says to trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your path (Proverbs 3: 5,6). If he knows about every sparrow that falls to the ground and he has the hairs of your head numbered (Matthew 10: 29, 30), don’t you think he is involved in every detail of your everyday life – if you allow him to be so? In today’s world, with all the ideas by which we are bombarded, it is more important than ever to put God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit first and allow him to direct our thoughts, our ideas, and our actions. That is a choice we make, and the more cumulative that choice becomes in our society, the better off we will all be. You say, “Oh that will never happen.” It starts with one – you, and me. Jesus is the way and truth. Following the truth and the prompting according to the truth could save our life. It has always been that way, and it still is. The true media source is God’s printed page, the Bible, embraced with the promptings of the Holy Spirit. This media followed by a truly humble, repentant, believing heart before God, will guide us in today’s world in the way God would have us to go.