Ten Plugs – The Father’s Care

Monday morning, getting ready for the day and week, I am needing to find ten little screw hole plugs to complete a door installation. Last week I already looked in the most obvious places in the van with no success. This morning I resolutely decided that if I have to go through the van with a fine tooth comb, no matter how long or what it took, I must find those plugs. They are plugs that come with the door, and you can’t just go pick that particular kind up at the hardware store. So, sitting at my desk early in the morning, giving consideration to the day and week, I decide to clean some clutter from my briefcase. Then my thought was, “I don’t need to do this now. I can do it later. Right now I need to get this day underway and go find those plugs.” Even with that thought, I find myself proceeding to pull clutter from my briefcase. I grab a little zip lock plastic bag that has been stuffed in a compartment of the case and look what I pull out – the very plugs for which I was prepared to look hours! I had put them in a place I would be sure and not lose them, but they had gotten pushed around and down out of sight in the hustle and bustle of daily business. With that they ended up in a place I would have never looked.

And with that, I give God praise for his unending care for us. As we acknowledge him, he directs our path (Proverbs 3:6). His care for us is such that he has the very hairs of our head numbered (or they were numbered, depending on the condition of our head! Matthew 10:30). Through faith in Jesus Christ we get our sins forgiven and a true connection with God in daily life. We have the baptism of the Holy Spirit with supernatural gifts given to assist us in daily life and ministry. We have angels dispatched to watch over us so that we finish our course and fulfill the will of God in our life. We have been positioned in Christ in total dominion over all devilish spiritual forces so that we don’t have to be pushed around by such as that. And we have such care extended to us so that we can find our “ten plugs” so that we are able to get done what we need to get done in daily business. This is the God who is affirmed on every coin produced in our country. This is the Lord God, the Father of Jesus, the only one and true God, who only desires good things for us and for all people, on his terms. He is also the God to whom every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. For ten plugs or for being the Ruler of the Universe, he is to be praised.