The Church of Animal Rescue

Waylon and Willy are my two little 20 pound rescue dogs I’ve had 11 years this month. I pulled them from an eight foot deep dry well when they were pups. When I did this the owner insisted I keep them. I don’t know what breed they are except they are two little furry balls of friendship. They appear to be in the Terrier line. It makes no difference what you label them, they are little buddies. My daughter, Samantha, who lives in another city, has been very active in Rock City Rescue dog and cat rescue operations for years. She is sort of a pastor of the Church of Animal Rescue. When she comes across or hears of a lost, abused, out-of-the-way, homeless dog or cat, it is Sam to the rescue. She is associated with others who have the same heart and mind. They will take a dog in terrible shape, mangy, wormy, starved, and socially ill-adjusted and shelter it, clean it up, medicate it, and provide special food for its recovery. She often takes them into her home to help them. Every dog has a different personality. She learns the personality of the dog and does those things good for that dog, accommodating that dog’s personality. All this takes time and diligence. She has to “lay her life down” to get the job done that needs to be done. When the dog is “back on its feet” and socially adjusted (if it will be socially adjusted), it is then advertised and sent to a permanent foster home of the people who respond to the ads. Many dogs have been rescued and nurtured into being wonderful pets for many people.

Jesus is the Good Shepherd. His operation on earth today through his people is much like the described animal rescue. A true church is simply a group of people who are operating under the name of Jesus whose heart and mind is to rescue and nurture people who need rescuing and nurturing. We are told by God’s Word that because of the universality of sin, every person needs some rescue. Every person is of a different personality, but the common denominator of every person is the presence of sin that separates us from God. But Jesus – Jesus laid his life down and made full provisions to shelter us, clean us up, treat our diseases, de-worm us, and provide the special food we need to grow healthy, strong, and useful in the kingdom. He personally trains us (if we will receive it) to fit into just the right place we need to be, and to help others with their issues. It matters not what breed or label you carry. There is a special place for you. The main thing is love to God, love to man, and sharing the sufferings and victory of the risen Christ. This is where the real help comes from. Everybody needs to know the One who can help every person. Jesus is his name.