The Dressing Room

gymnasiumWhen I think of a dressing room, my mind goes back to when I was a kid in school playing basketball in the old gym at Poyen, Arkansas. The interior was an all wood gym which had a wood rail right next to the court, and wood bleachers on each side. When we had a game, we, as a team, would go into the dimly lit hallway to the boy’s dressing room. There were four creaky steps going up into the room where we donned our uniforms to get ready for the big game. It was exciting when we would go back there to get ready, thinking about how the time was getting close when we would be in the game. Then, when we were all ready, and the time for the game drew near, we would line up in that hallway and be ready to run out to do our pre-game warm-up drill to get ready to “whip the socks off” whoever the opponent was for that evening.

In a sense our life here on earth is like a dressing room. In Revelation 19:7 it says that we should be glad and rejoice and give honor to God for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife has “made herself ready” for that great occasion. Jesus is the Lamb of God who is the ultimate sacrifice for all mankind. A day is coming when a body of believers will be presented to him as a bride to be by his side forever. These are believers who are his wife, who are committed to him in marriage. They are not just his girl friend on a date. They are committed for the duration. This “wife” made herself ready. She, the bride, the body of believers, took responsibility for their lives to get one kind of garment off and put on the garment fitting for the occasion. The garment of the righteousness of Jesus Christ was made available to them, and they had to take the responsibility to put it on by faith in order to be ready for the occasion. If the bride had just sat in the dressing room and failed to get ready, then when show time came, she would not be ready to make her debut with the groom. We are in the dressing room. Now is the time to get our garment on. Show time can happen at any moment. Just like the basketball player, just like the bride, now is the time to take the responsibility to make ourselves ready through faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ.


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