The Escape Room

A group of ten went to the “Escape Room” to take the challenge to escape from the Christmas decorated room. This is done by finding and figuring out hidden clues which will lead to your liberation from the locked room. We were being watched by camera, and the game manager communicated by voice over a speaker and text on an electronic screen. There were various items that had locks on them which required numbers, letters, or a certain way to move them in order to get them to open for the next clue. By singing Christmas carols we would get a response from the game manager of offering another clue. It required that we all work together communicating our thoughts, observations, and possibilities in order to figure out the clues. There was a dry erase board to write sequences of numbers or letters or to keep track of a certain order or arrangement of things which could lead to the next clue. We had one hour to figure out the clues to completion so we could get out of the room. Perhaps the highlight was when one lock was opened and a ladder fell out of a wall and a part of the wall came ajar, showing that we had advanced to be able to crawl through the hole in the wall into the next room. We passed into the next room and by following the clues in that room, we gained our liberty in forty two minutes and forty seconds. We had seven minutes and twenty seconds remaining in the hour. We did pretty good for nine first timers in playing the game. Personally, when I first started, I had no clue what was going on. I quickly learned that by close observation of the things around you and by quickly absorbing all the evidences and clues, you could piece together the “trail” that would lead to your liberation from the room. It was a fun game I can recommend to any small group. You’ve got to be on your toes and communicate freely the clues you observe.

God has not hidden the clues that will successfully take us from the room of this life to the next. The Christmas season is known around the world, that it is about Jesus who came to set us free now and for all eternity. Though commercialized and Santa-fied, it is known what it is all about. You don’t have to unlock one box to get the clue out of another box. God made it plain to all. We can appreciate and embrace the “clue”, the Bible, the “key”, faith, and the “door”, Jesus. God has given these that will successfully take us from this room to the next. We can have the Holy Spirit to be our game manager, to successfully lead us through our room called life, to the unlimited room on the other side!