The Gift Who Keeps On Giving

Recently as I was seeing some things about communion, such gratitude rose up in my heart I had a strong desire to sing about what I was seeing. I had no words at the time, but I sat down at the keyboard and attempted to express in music what I was seeing in my heart. As the tune developed in the next few minutes I recorded what I had so I would not forget it, so I could work on it later to tweak it. There was one part that I just had not found yet. I think it was the next day that I found that chord, making the tune “complete”. Next, I needed to get the words. I had one phrase to start with, and as I tied the words in with the tune, it seemed a perfect expression of word and melody for what I was seeing. It is actually a very tender and loving melody in which the Lord is personally expressing his love for all of us, for you and for me. As communion so expresses, the little tune expresses his great desire for us to receive and enjoy in the fullness what he did for us. Here are the words: 1. My blood is shed for you, Because I so love you, My body broken too, Because I so love you. (chorus) I gave it all for you, For you to live abundantly, I did it all for you, Because I so love you. 2. To walk with you each day, Is my desire always, I’ll show my love and power, Every day and every hour. (finish with chorus) This is what communion is all about. Jesus would typically give a life lesson using everyday events to which his hearers could relate. As they were eating the Passover supper, something that Jewish people do, Jesus took bread and broke a piece from the loaf as a lesson that could be remembered daily as we partake of daily food. He related the breaking of bread to how he was giving his body broken for our healing, health, and wholeness in every way. He took the cup of drink and used it as an illustration. It was so we could be reminded that his blood was shed to take our sins away and establish the new covenant that God was making through this finished work of Jesus. Each of us, as we eat and drink each day, can be reminded of what we have in Jesus’ love for us all. He is the gift who keeps on giving and keeps on giving. He wants us to be clean of sin, clean of sickness and disease, and walk in fellowship with him each day with peace, victory, and joy in every way. His love has provided this for us. He wants us to know it and remember it, and eat and drink of this truth until it becomes real in our life. He so much loves you!