The Helper – Part Two

debit card“Important Notice! For security reasons, this card must be activated. Please call 800-123-4567 from your primary phone as soon as possible.”

This is the notice that was stuck onto my new debit card in order to activate its usefulness. Until I called that number, even though there was money in the bank, the card was useless to me. Once I called and connected my identity with that card, results were forthcoming. I was able to pay bills and make purchases, and to this day, I am able to use the card at will on a daily basis with sure results.

We have a wonderful helper available to us in the person of the Holy Spirit. Jesus told us that when he went back to heaven from his mission on earth, he would send the “Comforter”, the “Holy Ghost”, the “Counselor”, the Spirit of God, to help us, guide us, and empower us with supernatural power to enable us to get the assignments done on earth that he has for us to do (John 15: 26,27). The early church gathered together and “called the number”, they prayed, waiting for the Lord’s promise to be fulfilled or activated. On the day of Pentecost the Holy Spirit was ushered into this present age by being given to each expectant believer in Jesus. God’s purpose, plan, and power was activated in each individual’s life and in the church as a whole. Now, the assignment that Jesus gave to each individual and to the church as a whole could be accomplished – to reach every person alive with the gospel. After persecution was encountered, the believers followed the same pattern which initially activated the power of God in their lives. They prayed, they were all filled with the Holy Spirit, and they spoke the Word of God with boldness with supernatural signs and wonders in and through their lives. The assignment continued to be fulfilled. People’s lives were healed, delivered from various bondages, and filled with the love, joy, purpose and power of God. That is God’s plan for every person. It is by “calling the number”, by praying, by being filled with the Holy Spirit, and by moving in obedience to his promptings and leadership, that we activate and operate in his supernatural help and power like Jesus and the early church (Acts 1-4).


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