The Jesus Revolution

1962. I was a good, 12 year old, water baptized, church-going boy. One night in the privacy of my bedroom when I was about 14, I began to realize that I did not really have a connection with God. It was so strong and clear that I argued with the thought until I was sobbing tears into my pillow, saying, “I am a good boy and I have been baptized and I go to church!” The conviction of lack persisted until my argument failed. I became convinced I needed God. It was at that point a clear realization came to me that Jesus Christ died for my sins, and his death on the cross, his finished work for me, is my peace with God. The next morning, all I could think about was Jesus. I had an intense hunger to read the Word of God, which I did every moment I could. I kept a pocket testament with me at all times, taking advantage of every moment. All I wanted to do was tell the world about Jesus.  With the understanding of Jesus’ work for me and my identification with and total commitment of my life to him, I was later water baptized again. I shared Jesus everywhere. As I read and studied the Word daily, I saw things in the Bible that I did not see happening in life around me. I wanted all God had for me and for all. When in college, I heard about some meetings in a residence in Little Rock where people were being filled with the Holy Spirit just like I read about in the book of Acts. Some buddies and I went there and had the experience of totally yielding to the Lordship of Christ with the manifestation of a supernatural prayer language. In other parts of the country the “Jesus Revolution” was taking place. I hitch-hiked and went and preached to hippies in concerts in parks, half-way houses, and on the street. I travelled the central part of the country from Louisiana to Minnesota, being a part of home meetings, church meetings, on the street, in malls, and all along the way sharing Jesus. In my zeal to share the Lord, I had dropped a military scholarship to carry on the outreach. I stepped into the river of the Jesus Revolution with a radical conversion as a 14 year old boy, and I am still swimming in the river today. I wept as I watched the current movie “The Jesus Revolution”. It accurately portrays many of the spontaneous and supernatural elements and events that occurred during that era of time. I wept because of so many lives that were touched in that time, and, because God wants to set people free on a revolutionary scale today. Rains are falling. The river is swelling. With experience of the past, today’s flood of God’s presence is with greater knowledge of the Word and ways of God. 2023 is time for a Jesus Revolution.