The Perfect Gospel in an Imperfect World

You can board the airplane with it raining, people and problems clamoring behind you, get on the runway, take off, and fly off into the wild blue yonder, leaving all behind. Looking through the window from above, you look down on the earth and see nothing but beauty, symmetry, and perfection. All the small stuff is left behind. Some military veterans can identify with the scenario of being taken out of a hot war zone by helicopter. There have been times in war when men have been surrounded by the enemy, closing in on them, but they made their escape from the heat of the battle by being air-lifted out. Running to get on board then being quickly lifted out up and away, leaving the assault of the enemy behind, they were able to fly off to safety to recuperate or regroup.

In a similar way, the gospel of Jesus Christ is relevant to us today. The gospel of Jesus Christ, if properly understood and believed, is a guide, strength and refuge while we are in the midst of the battles of life. In this gospel there is supernatural healing, miracles, spiritual power and gifting and guidance in life for victory and success in every way. Through faith in what Jesus Christ has already accomplished for us, we lift off the runway and fly. The gospel perspective gives us a view of beauty, symmetry, and perfection. We see his all sufficiency to exchange for our deficiency. We call upon his name in the firefights of life and our spirit is airlifted out of the heat of the battle for recuperation and regrouping. We call upon his name when weapons are formed against us to destroy our body with disease. This gospel can disarm these weapons in our life and the hits received can be healed and we be strengthened. Everything he did, he did for us, for our benefit, empowerment, and success in all battles in life. Sometimes we are able to fight our way through the line and defeat the enemy, and sometimes we must call for air support. Whatever is our need, this perfect gospel can supply that need. We just must keep the line of communication open to headquarters so we can hear his instructions. This is for the warfare of life as we know it. Then, when it is time to leave the battlefield for good, this gospel through the perfect righteousness and blood of Jesus Christ, has the power to securely carry us through the portal of the shadow of death with no fear, safely home to the other side. It is when we are high in the aircraft that we see all things perfectly with the overall view of God’s creation and working. This is the relevance of the perfect gospel in an imperfect world. Through faith in Jesus Christ, this gospel has the power to carry us through this life to the life beyond, with joy, victory, and peace. Get on board today.