The Real Answer

John the Baptist was the fore-runner of the coming of Jesus Christ into the earth as a man. He said in order to prepare to have the Lord working in your life effectively, you are to turn from sin and correct your lifestyle to allow him to have his way. John was beheaded by the opposing forces. Jesus came on the scene and presented himself to mankind as the ultimate answer to all. He too, experienced intense opposition to his teaching and his lifestyle of righteousness, truth, and justice. Many times they plotted to kill him and in due time they did kill him. He arose from the dead and left instructions for his followers to receive his power and carry out his work and mission to spread the good news into all the world. He returned to heaven, the followers were filled with his power, and they began carrying out his work. They too, were outspoken in society, calling on them to turn from sin, malice, and idolatry and follow Jesus in the way of righteousness and justice for all. They, too, were opposed and killed. Saul, was a major Christian killer, going into homes and dragging the families out of their homes and having them put in jail and some killed. He thought he was doing right. He thought he was serving God. Then he had a personal encounter with the risen Jesus Christ. It turned his whole life and perspective around completely. Then he, for the rest of his life, became a major proponent of Jesus Christ, preaching the good news that Jesus is the answer for all. He preached for all people to turn from sin and follow the way of Jesus Christ practicing a life of love, truth, righteousness, and justice. It is recorded that whole cities were changed by the power of people turning their lives around to follow Jesus Christ.

Today, the gospel is still the answer that God has for mankind. His message is the same: Turn from sin, follow the way of the Savior, practice his lifestyle in your own life doing what is right in all. We all have an effective part. To the degree we each allow him to truly be the Lord of our lives, is the degree our society as a whole will experience the peace of God. If there is any one prayer that we as believers can all pray in this tumultuous time, it is: “Lord, give us and all people a living encounter with Jesus that will turn our lives around.” Then, as John the Baptist, as Jesus Christ himself, as the early Church, and as Saul who was renamed Paul after his encounter with Jesus, let us give ourselves to praying, living, and spreading the good news that the solution to our problems is the Lord Jesus Christ. He can change our hearts, lives, and perspectives to line up with himself. He is truly the Answer for us today.