The Real Deal

When I was a kid, we lived on a sixty acre farm and had cows, pigs, chickens, ducks, quail, and more. We had a cow named Myrtle that gave a gallon of milk a day, with half of that cream. I would sneak in the refrigerator and take a tablespoon and get some of that thick cream off the top of that wide-mouthed glass jar and just eat it straight. When we mixed some with sugar and put it on fresh strawberries, it was really good, but I just liked it straight, too. We live in an age of artificial stuff including artificial creamers for the coffee. I still like the real deal. I like real cream in my coffee, and I treat myself to that occasionally. I like real butter instead of margarine, and overall, I like the real foods over the manufactured kind. We had a big garden and raised our own vegetables, peanuts, corn, etc., so I was raised on good country cooking. We butchered, cured, and smoked, our own pork, and raised our own beef. It was the real thing, and I liked it! And I still do! I like the real gospel, too. The apostle Paul went to Corinth and planted a church there by preaching the real gospel with the real power of God. He was there a year and a half and it grew to be a huge church with all kinds of things going on. Opinions and doctrines were passed around causing beliefs, divisions, and practices that were not of God. For this reason there are two lengthy letters recorded for our study covering Paul’s corrections offered for these conditions. In the second letter he expressed his concern that his children in the faith were allowing people to preach another Jesus and they were receiving another gospel with another spirit which gave rise to the problems they were experiencing (2 Corinthians 11). By a study of the life and ministry of Paul, we can see the gospel he preached was a holy, healing, life-changing gospel that presented Jesus who is all-powerful who imparts the Holy Spirit with miracle working power and gifts, by which we are to spread the kingdom of God. In other words, Paul preached and practiced the real deal. There was nothing artificial or superficial about him. That is evident when he got on to Peter for being a fearful hypocrite around some Jews (Galations 2:11-21). Paul insisted on preaching the real gospel, presenting the real Jesus, and ministering by the real Spirit of God, so he got real results. He had a life and ministry as rich as cream so he is still winning souls to Jesus today! The real gospel of Jesus is a righteous life-giving, Holy Ghost powered, healing, miracle-working gospel, that’s not afraid to stand for what is right and good. This is what Paul preached, and this is what we need preached today. People are destroyed for lack of the real power of God.